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Soon, we will be opening our gates for accepting registrations for #KMTRSeason2.

Before you explore further, check out some of our tips below. You may find this useful!

  1. To take advantage of our discounted fees, register during the early bird promotional period, starting 1 July 2023, through 10 July 2023, to receive a 12.50% discount, and maybe even a gift from one of our sponsors.
    Follow Link: Early Bird Discount Spot

  2. Furthermore, we are offering big discounts to Social Groups and Non-Profit Organizations. Yes, you can wear your organizational shirt to the event. Just coordinate in advance with us!

  3. Television channels will broadcast and even record our event for digital streaming. Do you plan to propose on this date? It’s only a sample, but we are open to collaboration. Call: 012-988-599 

Check out this link to find out more about the different trek-run categories available.

Read and learn the Frequently Asked Questions related to #KMTRSeason2

To understand better our terms and conditions for #KMTRSeason2, open this link

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