Purpose & Mission



Curious to know what makes us different from the other Running Events in Siem Reap? Here our Sweet Six Reasons why you should join our Environment Friendly Sporting-Event in Siem Reap. 


Our Trek-Run is in the Mountains (Not in the City)

Yes! Our event is away from the crowd and bustling traffic of Siem Reap City.


  1. We will not hold our Trek-Run in the City, neither inside the city of Angkor.
  2. Our Trek-Run is on Kulen Mountain (60 minutes away from Siem Reap Town)

Bus Transportation from Siem Reap City – Kulen Mountain – Siem Reap City is included for all Registered Participants.

Useful Information About the Trail Route:

  1. The maximum elevation of Kulen Mountain is nearly 500m ASL (above sea-level)
  2. The trail route condition is safe and passable. It was inspected by Trek-Running aficionados for safety.
  3. However, our trail route promises to be challenging by crossing different terrains. This includes, but not limited to Cashew Nut Plantation Fields, hill Climbing’s, river crossings, local communities, and Temple ruins.


Our Event will Benefit the Local Residents of Kulen Mountain

With the power of Eco-Tourism, the local residents or long-time settlers in the mountain will surely reap the benefits in the years to come.

  1. Our Event will surely deliver Marketing Exposure to the Kulen  Mountain, as a destination for people that love sports and outdoor recreation. 

  2. It will surely Boost the Local Economy of the Kulen Mountain Community. Through our Event, the residents will receive a bigger chance of showcasing their local products to both residents and international visitors.

  3. In the coming years, other Eco-Friendly sports activities will be introduced to the mountain, giving the locals the proper education, and with the understanding of how to properly maintain the Forest Surroundings for the Eco-Enthusiasts.


Our Trek-Run Event has a Purpose and Filled with Good Values

Our Event Concept will be the talk of the whole Siem Reap, if not, the whole country. It is expected to make a trend, and hopefully, inspire others!

Our mandate is to continue the mission of the Ministry of Environment, and these are the following:-

  1. To promote Environmental Awareness.
  2. To promote Responsible Management.
  3. To promote Eco-Tourism of protected areas

As you can see, we are not only trying to be Sexy. We are fully aware that these words may sound sweet to read, but in reality, they are heavy, complex and it needs a good approach in order to make these promises into reality.

How to Deliver our Promises?

  1. Our sporting-event will enforce the NO PLASTIC ALLOWED Campaign.
  2. Participants are not allowed to bring Single-use Plastic Bag, Bottled-water, etc.
  3. All Food Caterers are not allowed to use Styrofoam, Sachet, Straws, etc.
  4. Our sporting-event is powered by Biofuel Electric Generator.
  5. Our sporting-event is supported by a fleet of Eco-Friendly Vehicles.



Through proper research and survey, our team came out with an ingenious plan of a Fair Pricing Scheme to all interested registrants.

Registration Fees

  1. The same price for Cambodians and Resident Expats
  2. For Resident Expat, a minimum of at least 6 months valid Cambodia Visa is a requirement to attach in their Registration Form
  3. Visiting Foreigners without Cambodian Visa has a different kind of price range

Different Types of Category

  1. Category 1: With a total distance of 18km is perfect for Amateur or Semi Professional Runners only. This category is strict and it requires proper documents before a runner gets accepted
  2. Category 2: Happy Trek-Run Category is a non-strict category and it is suitable for Families and Social Groups. It has a total distance of 8km. 

Child Policy

  1. No Children are allowed to join the Category 1
  2. Children means 12 years old and below. Their price is 15% Discount Off from the adult price.
  3. All Children must be supervised by a parent or guardian at all times. 


Our Registration Fee includes a lot of Perks and Benefits

  1. Our pricing model has 2 important elements: Affordability & Satisfaction
  2. We made sure to attach many inclusions, guaranteed to be appreciated by all future registrants.

For more Information, please visit our Race Categories


Our Event Respect and Values Maximum Capacity

Unlike other Marathon Events in Siem Reap, The Kulen Mountain Trek Run values the protection of the ecology of the Kulen by not going beyond the maximum capacity of the Mountain.

What does it mean?

  1. Our Trek Run is limited to a specific number of participants. 300 to 350 accepted trek runners only.
  2. Please read our Registration Page to know our last date of Registration.
  3. However, please bear in mind that once we have received enough runners, we will close the application even before we reach the deadline. We are sorry, but you can apply again early by next year.

The Kulen Mountain

Sacred. Historical.

More than just a Mountain

Kulen Mountain, also known as Phnom Kulen (ភ្នំគូលែន) in Khmer dialect means “The Mountain of Lychees,” is a popular Local destination in Siem Reap, attracting hundreds, if not, by the thousands of visitors daily. 

Apart from being a sacred mountain, it is also historical. With an elevation of 498 meters above sea level, scholars of Angkorian History strongly believed that Jayavarman 2 set his foot on this mountain, declare independence, and locate The Site for the establishment of the famous Angkor Wat.  

Holding a handful number of discovered temple ruins, archaeologists believed that their search in Kulen Mountain is far from over.